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Problem descriptions should be sent to tlca@mimuw.edu.pl or to any member of the Editorial Board (links to mail-addresses: Ryu Hasegawa , Luca Paolini , Pawel Urzyczyn ) with subject “TLCA List of Open Problems”.

The list is maintained as a web page, and also available as a (LATEX-based) PDF file. Therefore, it is important that the submitted source material is provided in LATEX, and it can be easily transformed into a html file (e.g. that it is typeset in basic LATEX, with as few special symbols as possible). All references should be provided as BibTEX entries.

We would greatly appreciate, if submissions are done by sending us two files respecting the following constraints.

  1. A BibTEX-file containing relevant references not yet included in opltlca.bib .
  2. A LATEX-file based on draft.tex (you need also tlcamacro.tex , if you want try a PdfLATEX compilation) appropriately filled.

LATEX and BibTEX Remarks

Please, use special symbols only in math-mode. For instance, if you need a section-symbol like § then write $\S$ instead of \S . To insert a tilde in the scope of \HREF, use “\string~ ”.

A brief BibTEX introduction can be found here:

http://www.di.unito.it/ lambda/biblio/Doc/help.html .

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