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Problem # 17

Submitted by Paweł Urzyczyn
Date: 1999
Statement. Can recursive types be defined in system F  ?


It was shown by Geuvers and Spławski that inductive types in the style of [Mendler, 1991] are definable in the polymorphic βη  -lambda-calculus. It is however an open question whether recursive types as in [Mendler, 1987] are also definable. In [Spławski and Urzyczyn, 1999] it is shown that system F  with β  -conversion only is not sufficient for this purpose. See also the paper [Regnier and Urzyczyn, 2001] and Problem 21.

References for # 17

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[Spławski and Urzyczyn, 1999]    Spławski, Z. and Urzyczyn, P. (1999). Type fixpoints: Iteration vs. recursion. In International Conference on Functional Programming, pages 102–113. ACM Press.

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