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Problem # 16

Submitted by Jakob Rehof
Date: 1996
Statement. Is the subtype entailment problem decidable?
Problem Origin. First stated in [Pottier, 1996] and [Trifonov and Smith, 1996]. The present formulation is from [Henglein and Rehof, 1998].


We ask if the entailment problem with simple subtyping constraints over non-structurally ordered trees is decidable. Non-structurally ordered trees have a least element, ⊥ , and a greatest element, ⊤ , which can be compared to any tree regardless of its tree domain (shape). Simple type expressions, τ  , are finite terms built from ⊥ , ⊤ and a binary constructor. Such expressions can be interpreted as denoting trees, and formal inequality constraints of the form τ ≤  τ′ can consequently be valuated in the non-structural order on trees. For a finite set of constraints             ′
C  = {τi ≤ τi}i=1...n  of constraints and terms τ  and  ′
τ , we consider the entailment            ′
C  ∣= τ ≤  τ , or, equivalently, validity of the first-order Horn implication     ∧n
∀⃗α.(  i=1τi ≤ τ′i) → τ ≤ τ ′ , where α⃗  are the variables occurring in C  , τ  and τ ′ .

The problem first appears in slightly different forms in the papers [Pottier, 1996] and [Trifonov and Smith, 1996] for the purpose of simplifying subtyping constraints. It was studied in the form presented here in [Henglein and Rehof, 1998] (following the formulation in [Henglein and Rehof, 1997] for simple types), where it was shown to be to be PSPACE-hard. The full first-order theory of subtyping constraints has been shown to be undecidable [Su et al., 2002], but the question of decidability of entailment remains open [Rehof, 1998]. Further references can be found in [Rehof, 1998] and [Niehren and Priesnitz, 2003].

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